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Case Study

Casio Middle East and Africa FZE is a regional branch of the global Casio Corporation, based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company was established in 1997 and is responsible for the marketing, sales, and distribution of Casio products in the Middle East and Africa region. Casio Middle East and Africa FZE offers a wide range of consumer electronics products, including calculators, watches, digital cameras, and electronic keyboards, as well as business equipment such as cash registers and point-of-sale systems.


Our agency was tasked with creating a PR campaign for CASIO’s support of Kenyan education through the provision of free educational resources and the promotion of the CASIO calculator as a tool for solving mathematics problems. The primary objectives of the campaign were to motivate students to learn math and to utilize technological tools such as the CASIO calculator, to provide educational materials aligned with the KICD CBC (Competency-Based Curriculum) program, and to highlight the collaboration between CASIO and KICD. After completing the project, we were successful in achieving these objectives and received positive feedback from both CASIO and the educational community in Kenya.

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